Caregiver-C.N.A./Med Tech/Resident Assistant/Personal Care Attendant

Jacksonville, FL

Respect. Recognition. Responsibility. Reward.

“Life’s Most Urgent Question. What Are You Doing for Others?”Martin Luther King, Jr.

Choosing to serve as a caregiver is truly answering a most noblecall. It means dedicating your life to the comfort and care of others.

A caregiver answers this call with the full knowledge that thework is often done behind the scenes and with little fanfare. But the caregiverknows.

The caregiver knows that it is the kind word that nourishes thesoul. The listening ear that builds connection. And the gentle touch that makeseach day better.

The caregiver knows it is they who are missed most when they areaway. The caregiver knows that without them, health would not improve,happiness would be missing, and hope diminished. The caregiver knows withoutthe caregiver, there is no care.

At Benton House we know this too. It’s why we hold our care teamin such high regard and give them such a voice in our company. Make no mistake,we believe every role has value and every person has purpose. But we do holdour care team in special esteem.

As a Caregiver we understand you have multiple options. So whyBenton House?

Our team says it is because of our culture. They have voted usa Great Place to Work 4 consecutive years. Fortune magazinenational Top 50 Place to Work. We arethe recipient of multiple national Resident and Family Satisfactionawards, including Pinnacle QI and Best Assisted Living and Best Memory Carefrom US News and World Report. We also enjoy many local “Best of”awards. Working at Benton House means working with pride.

We offer more than compensation and benefits. We also offer 4key elements that every person seeks in a work role.

Respect-For every individual regardless of role. Have a real voice inthe direction of our company.

Recognition-Real appreciation for the service you provide. True investmentsmade for your contributions -regularly.

Responsibility-Freedom in your role. Opportunities for advancement (Nearly 10%of our team is promoted annually.)

Reward-Full compensation and benefits package. Pride. A sense ofconnection. Leaders that inspire. A place you can be yourself, your best self.

Whether you are new to the field of caregiving, or a seasonedveteran, if you are looking for a place to serve where you will be respected, appreciated,and have opportunities to grow, consider Benton House.

THANK YOU for your service to our nation’s seniors and we wish youall the best in your professional search.

Benefits include:

Paid Mealtime with Complimentary Meals

Access Pay Early with ZayZoon

96 hours Vacation

Annual Sick Pay Payout

Annual New Car Drawing

Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance policies

401k Retirement Plan

Flexible Spending Plan

Promotion Opportunities

And much, much more!!!