Oviedo, FL


The pandemic has caused us all to reevaluate our work. But the impact on nurses has been especially acute. Sadly, for many, the burden has just been too great. And this country has lost far too many nursing heroes.

However, this message is not one of despair but hope. It is to share that all the things that drew you to nursing are still available today. The desire to serve others. The connection with peers. The satisfaction in providing comfort and care to those in need. The knowledge that your work truly matters, truly makes the world better. The pride. At Benton House we believe our work, like nursing, is also a higher calling. And though we provide a full spectrum of services, it is the care that has provided the foundation of our 25-year record of success.

If you are considering a role change, we’d like to offer you some of the unique benefits of serving as a nurse at Benton House.

First, have voice in the process. At Benton House we believe every role, and every person has value. Your voice not only matters, but it will also determine the course and destiny of your community and our company.

Second, serving at Benton House offers real connection with those in your care. Of course, you get to see the progress of your nursing work-the healing, the health improvements, the renewed hope. But you also get to celebrate the other parts of life that make it joyful-the special days and special moments. And you are celebrating with people who have given so much to life, and who often believed these moments of joy were gone to them forever. Family is the most used word in both resident and team surveys.

Finally, the nurse role at Benton House offers wonderful opportunities for advancement. Many of our leadership team advanced from the LPN role.

As a nurse we know you have many options. So why Benton House? We believe the difference is our platform. If you want to work for a company with complete integrity, who serves within our scope of care, treats you with respect, operates with kindness, and offers you a real voice, consider joining Benton House. It’s these values that have made us award winning and nationally recognized.

Benton Houses are award-winning! Voted A Great Place to Work 4 consecutive years. Fortune magazine national Top 50 Place to Work. National Resident and Family Satisfaction, including Best Assisted Living and Best Memory Care by US News and World Report. Working at Benton House means working with pride.

Regardless of your decision to apply, THANK YOU for your service to our country and to the profession of nursing. You are valued! And thank you for your interest in our company. We wish you the best in your professional search.

Benefits include: 

Paid Mealtime with Complimentary Meals 

Access Pay Early with ZayZoon 

96 hours Vacation 

Annual Sick Pay Payout 

Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance policies 

401k Retirement Plan 

Flexible Spending Plan 

Promotion Opportunities 

And much, much more!!!